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ohtori_akio84's Journal

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26th March 2011

10:15am: It's JeanJean, BITCH! ;)
Posting again after what feels like ages as a few things have happened recently that deserve a commentary on.

First off, SAILOR MOON manga is re-licensed! :D September can't come fast enough! LOL

Second, remastered Utena is also being released, cover art is all sorts of gorgeous. Check it out here: http://www.rightstuf.com/cgi-bin/catalogmgr/=X-ere=oS5AmKMtgFa/browse/item/91381/4/0/0
or here:

Third, recently got into HURTS. What an amazing band, and the members are easy on the eye too ;)




Hope all has been well for my fellow posters, will be checking out your posts too to see what I missed ;)

12th December 2008


5th December 2008

9:16pm: If you ever wondered what I would look like with fake eyelashes, wonder no more! Drag Queen Jean is in town! LOL

4th October 2008

9:46am: Commercial Jean
Been working with a new photographer and am producing more commercial images as they seem to be the images that sell... Let me know your thoughts....

7th September 2008

10:36am: One more update, Davidoff Cool Water inspired photograph.

5th September 2008

2:52pm: Sorry about posting pictures again so soon after the last post but a photographer sent me a preview of the images he's been working on and I think they are dynamite! Would love your thoughts though...


4th September 2008

9:27pm: New test shots! Edited to look like an editorial so hot Hot HOT!


31st August 2008

6:43pm: And if you want more!




For my love!

15th August 2008

10:05pm: A couple of new pics. I look a little fisted but they are Fashion photos so no wonder! LOL. Love to hear your thoughts, will hopefully get the high res of them soon.

7th August 2008

12:01pm: Hey Guys,

Just a quickie. The modelling career is not going as famously as I would have hoped unfortunately, however I have booked a few runway shows, which could turn things around for me - if I am seen by the right people. I have also been working on my portfolio and my body in the meantime. So I am also posting a few test shots. I hope you like them.

P.S: My roommate is a straight Greek God! Fuck my luck!

25th June 2008

7:53pm: Great news everything! An agency in Singapore wants me to travel over there to work for them for 3 months. I will be leaving on the 14th of July. Try and catch up with me before then if you can. I'll miss you guys :(

25th May 2008


17th May 2008

5:29pm: Hey guys,

have been a little inactive lately but have some updates. Now have a laptop with fast internet so hooray to more anime and gay porn! lol

Also, here are some new shots and some better versions of previous shots, all under the cut

PhotosCollapse )

18th December 2007

7:39am: Hello everyone,

Hope you all went ok with your results and got into the course you wanted, now on to self centered Jean for updates on his modelling course!

Yesterday was our last class and we had a runway show! A few of you were able to attend and I thank you dearly for your support. Hope the show was worth your time and that this Mauritian kicked more ass than Sailor Mars ;) Anyway, I also received the proper prints for my portfolio yesterday but alas no CD of the files yet so I had to just take pictures of those prints to show you what they are like... Here they are, excuse the glare from the flash!

Let this boy know what you think - is he modelicious? Or model-roadkill?

6th November 2007

6:16pm: The first photoshoot was this week at my modelling class and apparently I rocked it! The Art Director basically just left it up to me after I hit the first pose, going "Very Nice!" and leaving to help the other guy who was struggling... The photographer was very happy with what I was doing also and the only things I had to change were slight movements of the chin or whether to look at the camera or not! This made me very happy, we get the photos next week so hopefully I will have actually done well when I see them in front of me ;) Will post anything I get as well too so you guys can see! Jean is happy :D

24th October 2007

8:05pm: Just thought I'd post this for people who like Hey There Delilah, this version is by the Sugababes. I know at least Bronwyn's interested ;)


22nd October 2007

9:21pm: Well, put a curly poof in a Toni&Guy salon and you end up with a straight poof!

In other news, went to the gym for the first time yesterday (was barely able to do things that were shown :p), going again tomorrow and not looking forward to it!


I've tried mohawking it!

16th October 2007

3:29pm: Just thought I would update quite quickly to let you guys know about my first modelling class. It was a lot of fun, one of those girls is amazingly beautiful and will be snapped up by an agency for sure! The only other guy doing the course (the ratio is 14:2, which equates to 7:1... If I were straight, I would really like those odds!) is not really what I would call attractive, as he looks like your typical Australian gay guy with bleached blond hair but taller... His walk is also not that great, which imo makes me the better one of the plus size male models of this season of America's Next Top Model Model Academy :D

We also had a personal trainer who is also a gym coach (guess they kinda go hand in hand) give us a talk and he seemed to like me, only commenting that I need to tone up a bit, not lose weight - which makes me quite happy. I will be making use of this free 30 day gym membership from Thursday evening when I go in for my induction, which will be good!

I'll let you know how the next class goes, it's going to be at Toni&Guy and it will be about hair! Can't wait!

9th October 2007

5:38am: Just thought I would post a quick update about a casting call I answered to, online a while ago. Out of about 200 people, I made it to the final 16 selected to participate in a course that will help develop my portfolio.
The course offer a Toni&Guy Hair Salon seminar (where the people will actually tell us AND show us a few things we can do with our hair to impress potential clients, a MAC makeup seminar {might not be as beneficial to me, but if they do me up in a high fashion way - here comes a hot photo!}, two professional photoshoots and a few more things) It would cost me about $150 per month to do the course, which lasts three months and me thinks there are worse ways I can spend that money... The highlight is actually a runway show at the end of the course where a lot of the agencies they deal with will be viewing us and picking some right there and then! Hope I win this ANTM-like course! LOL, and please let me know your thoughts on this.

3rd October 2007

8:24pm: Offcuts
Here are some offcuts from Hannah's photoshoots of me as the King of Diamonds which I quite like. Thanks for the pictures Hannah! Everyone else, thoughts please ;)

24th September 2007

9:14pm: Vote for Jean!
Guys, vote for me to be the face of Hairhouse Warehouse for 2008 plz!

Thank you :D

Here's the link to my account:


Use all your 10 votes for me! lol

23rd September 2007

10:21am: Hairy Dirty Scruffy Jean!
Here is me trying a look I haven't before...

Let me know your thoughts!


Just tried another new look for me...

Behold Jean with straight hair!!!

8th September 2007

6:32pm: Not many reasons to update but since I promised a few people to be a little more active on here, I will anyway.

Today was actually pretty good. I ran into scoober on my way home which was great as I hadn't seen her in almost a year :D. Caught up very briefly with maialiavel and andy_star, and had too much to eat within that hour (pizza, pasta salad and brownie avalanche were involved...)

Also, today was the day I had sex for the first time since breaking up with Klaus, which I am sure could be taken as either me moving on or distracting myself from my feelings - either way, it was good! LOL

Yesterday I caught up with Momir and watched 6 episodes of one of the best sitcoms ever - The Golden Girls!!! You of the younger generation have probably never seen it but track it down, it is so much better than the american crap we have on TV nowadays (sounding 60 already, how appropriate!)

Also, this will be a double post to some but as I am a shameless self promoter and dearest hana_bazootie has taken a pictue of me as the King of Diamonds, here it is!

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